Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New commerial with ASL is on NOW!!! IT NOT Pepsi !!

I want to let everyone what I just saw... I wasn't sure if anyone else saw it too. There is another ASL commercial. Its not any soda commercial or McDonald commercial. Its brand new Commercial it look like the decided to raise their level to next level!!!! I am so thrilled! I am sure all you will be shock to hear this... since over any years we had issues with ASL and AGBELL (Alexandria Graham Bell) about teach children a ASL!!!! I hope AGBELL will shut up about this and leave them alone!!! because its DISNEY COMMERCIAL!!!! I am so thrilled!!!! please help me and show Disney lot of support and encourage!! and THANKS! and Encourage them to keep it up!! I love their commercial.. its so beautiful and pure ASL!

heres links for the commercial

to watch a video click on smaller picture the 2nd on the the bottom of First one
copy and paste (below) I had to break it in half because its too long



yellow_mama said...

Nice commerical!
I have not seen anybody mention Jack's commerical featuring boy/girl using ASL. Has anybody seen it? Don't forget to show our support toward Jack's Hamburger.

marisa said...

cute! the press release on that web site says:

"The young boy, Isaiah Stuard, is the son of a sign language teacher and the grandfather, Thomas Samuels, is the President of the National Black Deaf Advocates."

the boy uses simcom (voicing while he signs) and the grandpa uses ASL without voice. just fyi.

thanks for sharing this with us!

~Tazette~ said...

Oh yea...I have seen that commerical before.. It is very good example for more and more exposure.

allnoise3rd said...

Yes I saw the Disney Commercial TV that grandson was excited to share his experience from his family trip with his grandfather last night. Cute..

Mama D said...

How do I access this commercial??? Help